Endnote WP Support?

Jason L. Buberel jbuberel at uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 9 10:14:24 EST 1995

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Eastmond) wrote:

> Hi.  Does anyone know the current list of word processors supported by the
> current version of Endnote Plus for Mac?  I have finally had it with 
> bulky, monolithic Microsoft software and wish to ditch Word 5.1 before
> I have to upgrade to the infeasibly slow 6.0.  Claris stuff is neat and 
> quick and I know that MacWrite II is supported by Endnote+ 2.0.  However,
> Claris Works is not - but then there is a new version of Endnote out
> and I was wondering what WP's Endnote can format in it's current incarnation.
> Also Macwrite II is no more.  It's MacWrite Pro now.  I like Works, though,
> and want to use it.  Can anyone help?
> Nigel. C. Eastmond.
> PS.  I reckoned that since it is for biomedical paper formatting it is 
> legitimate to discuss it here.


I regularly use EndNote plus 2.0 with WPerfect PowerMac v3.0.  I just
checked, and EN 2.0 doesn't seem to support Claris Works (3.0) files. 
However, since claris works comes with lots of good translators, you could
do this:

Work in Claris, with endnote open on the side.  Copy and paste your
reference markers into Claris Works as you go along.  When you are ready
to process the file, save the Document as RTF or MS Word.  Then format it
back to CWorks.  This may seem arduous, but if you really like claris

hope this helps,


Jason L. Buberel
Graduate Student
Nueroscience Pgm
U of Illinois-UC

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