GopherPup, a network client with unique features, is updated

Martin Blankfard Mblank at kpl.dgsys.com
Fri Feb 3 19:30:24 EST 1995

gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu (Don Gilbert) wrote:
>GopherPup is an Internet information client program, usable on the common
>computer systems including Macintosh, Motif/XWindows and MS-Windows.  It
>provides an easy-to-use, sophisticated doorway to a wide range of
>Internet information services.
>GopherPup has several unique strengths
>* Display documents in Microsoft's Rich Text Format (RTF) produced by
>popular wordprocessors.  RTF not only is a widely-available standard, it
>has full support for fonts, styles, embedded images, and the formatting
>needed to display publication-quality documents. RTF displays can include a
>variety of fonts including symbols, font sizes and styles, super-scripting and
>sub-scripting, tabbing, paragraph formatting, and pictures in both
>vector and bitmap forms.
>* Display graphics in a standard, widely-used vector & bitmap format,
>Apple Macintosh's PICT.  This format provides high-resolution output,
>smaller/faster image transfer, and editable graphics, compared to GIF.
>* Display documents in the network HyperText Markup Language (HTML), and
>in the popular graphic bitmap format, CompuServe's GIF, as well as plain
>* Easily link network resources into any of these documents.  Documents
>created in a wordprocessor can be directly displayed and network links
>can be placed by simple drag-and-drop methods.
>* The hypertext method used is easily extensible to any new format which
>can be displayed.
>* Browse and search through information on your local computer system
>using the same easy methods used for remote systems. The search methods
>use the same query dialogs, and relies on a variant of FreeWAIS-sf software
>which provides for complex and field-specified queries.  With this feature
>it will be possible for providers to provide the same information services
>throught local CDROM or disk as through remote Internet connections.
>This search support is still under development.
>* Supports all Gopher+ protocol features, including
>   -- User dialogs for client-server interactions.
>   -- Simple and sophisticated multiple view handling.  Easily choose
>the format you prefer, whether RTF or Postscript, GIF or JPEG, and
>specialty formats, depending on the service and your needs.   Add new
>formats readily as needed.
>   -- Display of document dates, sizes, and abstracts -- no more
>guessing if that document is 5 years old or up-to-date, or if it is
>1,000 or 1,000,000 characters long.
> ... blah blah blah ...

I couldn't find the /util/gopher/gopherpub/ ... directory on this server.  Were these
files suposed to be in some other directory... like /util/gopher/gopherapp/ ..?

Martin Blankfard

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