Commercial Sequence Alignment--for Windows?

Reno Pontarollo pontreno at duke.usask.ca
Thu Feb 9 18:17:36 EST 1995

Dylan Bulseco (bulsecod at ucs.orst.edu) wrote:

: Any suggestions for a good commercial DNA Sequence analysis software package 
: for windows...MUST include some type of sequence alignment protocol (and 
: handle more than 2 sequences), import databases (both sequences and 
: restriction enzymes), conduct restriction digests, and manage sequencing 
: projects.

: If you have any suggestions for commercial packages that you have tried and 
: can recommend (or possibly warn me to stay away from!) please let me know!

I use MACAW for protein alignments and it works great because it looks 
for structurally conserved regions and alignments.  It also aligns DNA 
sequences, but I've never used it for this.

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