Endnote WP Support?

Nigel Eastmond nce at rri.sari.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 05:04:32 EST 1995

Hi.  Does anyone know the current list of word processors supported by the
current version of Endnote Plus for Mac?  I have finally had it with 
bulky, monolithic Microsoft software and wish to ditch Word 5.1 before
I have to upgrade to the infeasibly slow 6.0.  Claris stuff is neat and 
quick and I know that MacWrite II is supported by Endnote+ 2.0.  However,
Claris Works is not - but then there is a new version of Endnote out
and I was wondering what WP's Endnote can format in it's current incarnation.
Also Macwrite II is no more.  It's MacWrite Pro now.  I like Works, though,
and want to use it.  Can anyone help?

Nigel. C. Eastmond.

PS.  I reckoned that since it is for biomedical paper formatting it is 
legitimate to discuss it here.

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