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David S. Gottfried gottfrie at alsys1.aecom.yu.edu
Mon Feb 6 12:55:08 EST 1995

In article <D3JGyw.MuL at powai.cc.iitb.ernet.in>
rama at powai.cc.iitb.ernet.in (ramakrishna) writes:

> dear netters, 
> i have been using kinemages for viewing protein structures.
> i heard that recently a new version of Kinemages has been 
> released. it has a postscript facility also. could someone
> help me with the ftp site from so that i can download it
> and use it. 

the Protein Science ftp server has all the latest kinemage software. 
they are at ftp.uci.edu. in the \protein directory.

there is also a WWW site at http://www.prosci.uci.edu/

good luck, DSG

David S. Gottfried
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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