Linkage software complex trait analysis

Gerard Tromp tromp at sanger.bcm.tju.edu
Mon Feb 6 12:20:01 EST 1995

There are packages for mapping with experimental animal crosses. One that comes 
to mind is S.A.G.E. , a package available from Dr. Elston at Louisiana State
Medical Center in New Orleans. Another is MAPMAKER by Eric Lander et al., 
available by anonymous ftp from genome.wi.mit.edu.  

Notes about availability of LINKAGE and FASTLINK.

1. LINKAGE is available by anonymous ftp at york.cpmc.columbia.edu, the site is 
   that of Dr. Jurg Ott, one of the co-authors of the package. The operating
   system is VMS - VAX - and may be somewhat unfamiliar to those who are used to 
2. FASTLINK is available by anonymous ftp at softlib.rice.edu, the site is that of
   Dr. Alejandro Schaffer. Dr. Schaffer maintains and improves FASTLINK, so it 
   would be to your advantage to retrieve it from there rather than from other 


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