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Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU
Thu Feb 2 21:33:09 EST 1995

Hello biosoft gurus -

We are trying to get eXcursion v1.2 running on AT&T 386 boxes with Starlan 10
NAU ethernet boards.  We are using FTP Corp. PC/TCP v2.0.5 with the Clarkson
Packet Driver for communications.  We are running DOS v6.1 and Windows v3.1. 
The host is VAX/VMS v5.5-2.  We have successfully troubleshot the system by
connecting to a Unix host and displaying xterm, xclock, etc.  However, whenever
we attempt to use something from the VAX, it takes an impossibly long time to
display, and, in fact, times itself out when trying to display a DECTerm.  It
has successfully displayed the clock, session manager, and calculator.  But we
have only been successful launching these DEC applications from the PC by means
of the DEC command file MN.COM; launching them from another terminal specifying
display on the PC with eXcursion does work but, again, not with DECTerm.

Also, in general, the PC software seems very flaky in this configuration --- it
often looses its driver files, constantly needs rebooting, etc.  Does anybody
have any ideas about this?  We could sure use some help.

						Thanks - Steve

                              Steven M. Thompson
            Consultant in Molecular Genetics and Sequence Analysis
VADMS (Visualization, Analysis & Design in the Molecular Sciences) Laboratory
           Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1224, USA
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                   INTERnet:  THOMPSON at jaguar.csc.wsu.edu

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