Neural networks in metabolism modeling?

Dorin-Bogdan Borza dborza at vax1.umkc.edu
Thu Feb 2 21:11:01 EST 1995

MARK at CUCCFA.CCC.COLUMBIA.EDU (T. Mark Reboul) wrote:
> Is anyone aware of work in metabolic process modeling based on 
> neural network simulation? It seems like a reasonable technique to 
> consider in modeling metabolism, but so far I don't find citations 
> pointing to such work. Thanks for any details/suggestions/comments.

I came across a comparison between neural nets and intracellular 
signalling (protein kynase cascades) in "The molecular biology of
the cell", Alberts et al, 1994. Some references included. Unfortunately,
I don't have the book with me to give you the references, but it should
be easy to find out. Send me e-mail if you are not able to locate what 
you are looking for.

dborza at cctr.umkc.edu
Dorin B. Borza
PhD. Student Biochemistry

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