Strip-chart Recorder alternative?

Ronald.Berry Berry at biochem.unp.ac.za
Thu Feb 2 07:03:57 EST 1995

Hello Bionetters

I am hunting for an alternative to the faithfull old strip-chart recorder. 

I have bought a very nice Pharmacia GradiFrac system, but the Pharmacia 2-
channel strip-chart recorder was an obscene price, and I couldn't afford it. 
Looking around, I see that recorders in general are a horrible price. It 
turns out that the most unsophisticated (doesn't even have an event 
marker!), single channel recorder costs much more than a full-house 486 PC. 
It therefore ocurred to me that there *MUST* be a decent analogue-to-digital 
card with accompanying software that turns your PC into a strip-cart 

I am obviously not looking in the right places, because all I can 
see is National Instruments products (like LabView) which seem like massive 
overkill, and are far too sophisticated.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Unfortunately, I am mostly confined to a PC 
platform, but I do have an ancient Mac Plus (512k) lying around.


Ron Berry

Chief Tecnician
University of Natal
South Africa

Ron Berry
Biochemistry Department, 
University of Natal,
South Africa

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