Neural networks in metabolism modeling?

Stefan Unger sunger at crl.com
Thu Feb 2 11:39:14 EST 1995

There is MetabolExpert which is an "expert system,"  not a neural 
network.  I am a dealer.  Reply if you would like details.

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T. Mark Reboul 
(MARK at CUCCFA.CCC.COLUMBIA.EDU) wrote: : Dear Bionet readers,

: [Apologies if this is a duplicate posting for some of you. I have 
: not seen my earlier attempted posting to bionet.software appear.]

: Is anyone aware of work in metabolic process modeling based on 
: neural network simulation? It seems like a reasonable technique to 
: consider in modeling metabolism, but so far I don't find citations 
: pointing to such work. Thanks for any details/suggestions/comments.

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