ALL BCM GeneFinder programs can be run by WWW Mosaic

Victor V. Solovyev solovyev at cmb.bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Feb 2 12:21:48 EST 1995

BCM Gene-Finder Program FGENEH, FEXH, HEXON, HSPL can be run now 
through WWW Mosaic:
Use WWW BCM Human Genome Center and Search launcher 
          Home page


for accsess to Gene-Finder and Secondary structure prediction 
Help files and programs.

  BCM Gene Finder 
  BCM protein secondary structure prediction 

	BCM Gene-finder and secondary structure prediction
programs are available also by sending the file containing 
a sequence (the sequence format is described in Help files) to

The University of Houston Gene server:
service at bchs.uh.edu or

Weizmann Institute of Science server:
services at bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il
     with the subject line "program_name". 

Examples: mail -s fgeneh service at bchs.uh.edu < test.seq
mail -s fgeneh services at bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il < test.seq

You can obtain help files by sending the subject line
        man <servicename> such as
        Subject: man hexon to    service at bchs.uh.edu

      The Baylor College Of Medicine Computational Biology Group
                             Houston, TX

The services are 

FGENEH - search for gene structure with exons assembling by dynamic programming 
FEXH   - search for 5'-, internal and 3'-exons
HEXON  - search for internal exons 
HSPL   - search for splice sites

SSP    - prediction of a-helix and b-strand in globular proteins
	 by segment-oriented approach.
NSSP   - prediction of a-helix and b-strand segments in globular proteins
         by nearest-neighbor algorithm.

Problems, comments, and suggestions:
   Can be mailed to solovyev at cmb.bcm.tmc.edu.

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