FACS/H-P -floppy-> Mac/PC driver?

Marc Brande brande at SDSC.EDU
Sat Dec 30 22:24:00 EST 1995

Search the web for flow cytometry sites which should have software info.

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On Sat, 30 Dec 1995, David R. Johnson wrote:

> Dear Netters,
>    We have a flow cytometer that works very well (Becton-Dickenson 
> FACSort) connected to a Hewlett-Packard Computer that runs an 
> ancient OS and doesn't work very well.  For example, only 80 files 
> can fit on a floppy, regardless of how small they are (1 parameter 
> analysis of 2000 cells is only a few Kb).  
>    B-D sells a Mac system for the FACS, but it costs a bundle 
> ($20k).
>    Does anyone have (or know of) a floppy driver that works on a DOS 
> machine (Windows 3.1) or, preferably, a Mac?  This would allow 
> importation of FACS data into Excel, etc., and would stop the 
> proliferation of H-P formatted floppies around the lab. 
> thanks in advance (also for any corrections if my understanding of 
> the solution is flawed!)
> -Dave

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