SGI port of GDE wanted

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Fri Dec 29 18:47:35 EST 1995

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>Michele Clamp (michele at bioch.ox.ac.uk) wrote:
>> Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of an SG version of GDE?
>> I've been trying to access golgi.harvard.edu for a few days now but can
>> only manage a 'Connection refused' reply.
>> We're running IRIX5.3 and would prefer version 2.2.
>From the GCG "Transcript" (GCG newsletter) I learned that the next version
>of GCG will include GDE. Announced for fall 96, if I remember correctly.

Yes, I too am looking forward to the inclusion of gde within the GCG
package.  It is what I was hoping WPI to be.  But to get back to original
posting, it appears that you can reach the  golgi.harvard.edu ftp site via
ftp.  The following is from the Gilbert Lab - Bioinformatics page

  "GDE can still be found on our FTP site (ftp://golgi.harvard.edu/pub/ (Note: 
   FTP access is currently unavailable; please use the URL 
   http://golgi.harvard.edu/ftp/ instead)."  

Other sites are suggested there and the Megagopher/megasun/MegaSequencing
site <ftp://megasun.umontreal.ca/pub/gde> mentioned earlier by Don Gilbert
is among them but alas it doesn't appear to have the SGI binaries.
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