Catalog for Pc/Mac scientific software ?

MARTY THOMAS expomed at interramp.com
Wed Dec 27 22:27:32 EST 1995

In article <4b9f51$grd at apopi.u-strasbg.fr>, jgaraud at faust.u-strasbg.fr says...
>Hello !
>I am looking for a catalog (file, WWW link ...) of scientific
>freeware/ software for microcomputers (PC or Mac), preferably with
>comments. I have already found some :
>- http://www.ebi.ac.uk/biocat/biocat.html
>bio catalog at EBI (UK), mainly Unix software
>- gopher://ftp.bio.indiana.edu:70/11/
>Indiana University, good, but lacking software descriptions (at least
>I have not been able to find comments, except by downloading the
>- http://www.genethon.fr/exterieur/bio_catal.html
> Genethon, France, mainly Unix software
>- http://www.bio.umass.edu/mcbfacs/flowcat.html
>University of Massachusetts, a very nice catalog, but for free flow
>cytometry software only.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated, and certainly useful for other
>        Jean-Claude GARAUD
>        Institut de Chimie Biologique
I have a catalog of medical software i can mail to you.Check my
Web site and see if you are interested in any of the programs I 
sell. There is no charge for the catalog.
Have a great holiday season.
Regards, Marty
Name:Marty Thomas
expomed at interramp.com
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