Year 2000 Solutions

DJ Delorie dj at delorie.com
Wed Dec 27 08:43:47 EST 1995

In article <leonard.820057916 at qiclab> leonard at qiclab.scn.rain.com (Leonard Erickson) writes:
> >It means a rewrite of *my* software, but at least I don't have to
> >rewrite unix or dos, or rebuild any databases.
> Well, applications where you can pull that off are getting more and
> more limited. RISKS had an item a few years back about a truant officer
> being sent around to find out why "Violet Smith" wasn't in school.
> Seems that Ms. Smith had turned 106, and the system (which used code
> like yours) assumed she was 6. 

I agree that the proper solution is to use four-digit years, and I do
whenever I can.  The programming trick I listed is used only where
*someone else* decided to use two-digit (or small offset) years, and
I've got to make do with it.


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