Year 2000 Solutions Conference

Emerick Rogul emerick at csa.bu.edu
Fri Dec 22 12:10:26 EST 1995

In article <30D9E2EC.4C48 at mindlink.bc.ca> Blake Kadatz <blake_kadatz at mindlink.bc.ca> writes:
: uspdi at clark.net wrote:
: [...AD SNIPPED...]

:: Existing software which represents Year as a two-digit field,
:: probably will not correctly handle the Year 2000, when 00 becomes
:: greater than 99.

: Actually, 00 "will become" (or IS) *less* than 99 last time I checked. :)

Yes, it was badly worded.  The problem is that 1999 < 2000, whereas
00 < 99.  So, two-digit year representations are going to be in a lot
of trouble...

-Emerick Rogul

: -Blake
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