SDS-PAGE analysis

ard jonker a337ard at horus.sara.nl
Wed Dec 20 07:27:32 EST 1995

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.951217182236.8893A-100000 at jeeves.ucsd.edu>,
Jaume Canaves <jcanaves at jeeves.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> > conjunction with the Mac emulator 'Executor'. Executor is available over 
> > the net as a 10 minute demo version which can be unlocked once you 
> > cough-up the $49 registration fee. I have not tried Image on this, but 
> > the emulator runs very well.
> Yep. I have tried that too, and Image works pretty well. I have run 
> Executor and Image in a Pentium 100 MHz computer, and the speed is about 
> the same as in a Mac II. For what I'm doing -analyzing digitized Western 
> blots and fluorometries from TnT experiments- it works very well, for 
> more complex tasks... well, I still don't know, but i'll know soon.

Try to have a wand-tool auto outline, the try to deselect (on a true mac
using the option key) an inner structure.
If you succeed, tell me how you did it. The recommendation to use the
left/right option keys on a PC keyboard seem not to work.

Some macros have been reported to fail. You can't move beyond v1.54 of NIH
as only sys 6 is supported. For the rest, it works remarkably well.

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