Author*Direct Distribution Program

Eddie C.k. Teo eddieteo at singnet.com.sg
Tue Dec 19 22:20:47 EST 1995

Author*Direct Distribution Program - Asia (A*DDP)
Dear Authors,

Would you like to maximise the exposure to your shareware products?
If yes, read on!

We are providing this service to any authors of sharewares, who are
keen on getting extra distribution exposure in Asia of their
sharewares by BBS.

Our Bbs is access by professionals, doctors, engineers, lawyers,
teachers, students, government agents etc. etc., from all over Asia
(in fact, we have users from as far as Brazil, Germany etc.!)  Ours is
also a free Bbs, which means anyone could call in anytime.

We will make available your shareware programs to anyone who calls
into our Bbs, including those first time callers, without any file
ratio, without any costs to the person who downloads, nor to you.

We welcome all sorts of programs, ranging from business applications,
system utilities, windows applications, games, etc. etc.  Any sorts
would be welcomed!

In the very near future, we will be providing an infrastructure to
have your shareware programs distributed via files network to all
parts of Asia and probably across the world as well!

Why are we doing this?
Well, we feel that Asia has been widely neglected in terms of
Shareware Distribution, and we are ready to go ahead to push Shareware
as the way to market software.

There are other things which we could provide for you, like mailing
lists, support conferences, file requests by e-mails etc. etc.

Rules & Requirements:

1.  All disks by post MUST be in 3.5" format (for easy maintenance and
also for easy and safer shipping by yourself)
2.  All submissions MUST be pre-scanned for viruses either by
Integrity Master or F-Prot.
3.  No Commercial programs should be distributed.  However, demo
versions of commercial programs are welcome.
4.  All submissions should contain information that we are one of your
distribution points.
5.  All submissions MUST come with a "file_id.diz" or a text file (eg.
readme.txt) to describe your program.

What do we get in return?
Basically nothing.  But we do get the exposure provided by your good
self on listing us your distribution point.  If we are appointed your
registration/sales/support site, we get to make some profit, but this
is NOT a requirement.

What else can we do?
Online Technology, the company behind this project is also involved in
shareware registration, sales and support for many great Shareware
products from all over the world.  Our primary market is the
corporates and government agencies in Asia.  We do have home users who
register their sharewares as well.  If you need a registration/support
site, just let us know.

What should you do?
Send your shareware programs by either methods listed below:

1.  By uuencoded to binary.file at onlinet.com.sg
2.  By post to the address stated below.
3.  By FidoNet to 6:600/600, 6:600/601, 6:600/602, 6:600/616 (all
nodes from 1200bps to 28,800bps)

The Sysop and Management Committee of Interact Bbs reserves all rights
to reject any files received, with or without any valid reasons.

Address to send to disks:
A*DDP Asia - Submission 
c/- Online Technology
134, Jalan Besar, #03-00, Singapore 208852
Attention:  Eddie C.k. Teo

Other Contact Information:
Tel:  +65-298-8634 (Sales)
Tel:  +65-299-6007 (Tech Support)
Fax: +65-298-1324
CompuServe:  71413,3330
Internet:  eddie.teo at onlinet.com.sg

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Best Regards,
Eddie C.k. Teo
Distribution, Online Technology

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