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Georg Fuellen fuellen at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Dec 19 11:21:26 EST 1995

In article <Pine.A32.3.91.951214204951.24008B-100000 at bacata.usc.unal.edu.co>, agarcia at BACATA.USC.UNAL.EDU.CO (Alexander Garcia) writes:
|> I am sure that I saw something about virtual education on this mailing 
|> list, it was about two weeks ago, can someone fwd me the msg, or some 
|> info about, please!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Check out http://www.cryst.bbk.ac.uk/PPS2/
(The Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet)

[[ Or, maybe, you mean 
(BioComputing, planned for Spring/Summer 1996) ?? ]]

best wishes,
fuellen at dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE, fuellen at MIT.EDU

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