SDS-PAGE analysis

Jaume Canaves jcanaves at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Sun Dec 17 21:27:05 EST 1995

On 17 Dec 1995, BIOCHEMISTRY.COM wrote:

> I think that in a previous thread, someone said that you can use the 
> current NIH Image program (intended for a Mac) on a PC, if you run it in 
> conjunction with the Mac emulator 'Executor'. Executor is available over 
> the net as a 10 minute demo version which can be unlocked once you 
> cough-up the $49 registration fee. I have not tried Image on this, but 
> the emulator runs very well.

Yep. I have tried that too, and Image works pretty well. I have run 
Executor and Image in a Pentium 100 MHz computer, and the speed is about 
the same as in a Mac II. For what I'm doing -analyzing digitized Western 
blots and fluorometries from TnT experiments- it works very well, for 
more complex tasks... well, I still don't know, but i'll know soon.



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