Lowpass or highpass filter algorhythms needed

Michael Ferber Ferber at zoology.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Dec 13 23:34:11 EST 1995

FROM: Ferber at zoology.uni-frankfurt.de (Michael Ferber)
 For some reasons I have to write a program that analyses electrophysiological 
 data  sampled with an AD converter. For the analysis of the data it may be 
 necessary to apply "filters" like lowpass, highpass or highpass filters to 
 the data. Does anayone have a suggestion where I can find informations on 
 filtering algorhythms or ready to use functions for this purpose? Also 
 symbolic code or source codes in c or c++ would be helpful. 
 Due to the fact that my files are really large (up to several millions of 
 data points) really fast algorhythms are needed.
 Thanks in advance

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