Where is DISTANCE ? (population abundance from distance data)

Thomas Weiss su16pmtw at rz.uni-sb.de
Sat Dec 16 18:42:06 EST 1995

dmiller at WYOMING.COM (Dirk Miller) wrote:
>>Hi all !
>>I am looking for DISTANCE, a freeware prgm developed
>>by JL Laake to estimate the abundance of biological
>>populations from so-called "distance data" i.e. 
>>sightings of individuals or groups done from line
>>transects or point transects. 
>>Any info on an ftp site where DISTANCE can be obtained 
>>will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

>Here are a few web sites that should be helpful to folks interested in 
>Wildlife/Fisheries related software.  I would bet you will find DISTANCE at 
>this first site.
>Illinois Natural History Survey - Wildlife Ecology Software Server

Yes, DISTANCE.ZIP can be downloaded from

>Telemetry clearing house.

I only have TELEMETRY related software available (for now). Sorry!



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