Where is DISTANCE ? (population abundance from distance data)

Dirk Miller dmiller at WYOMING.COM
Fri Dec 15 09:42:44 EST 1995

>Hi all !
>I am looking for DISTANCE, a freeware prgm developed
>by JL Laake to estimate the abundance of biological
>populations from so-called "distance data" i.e. 
>sightings of individuals or groups done from line
>transects or point transects. 
>Any info on an ftp site where DISTANCE can be obtained 
>will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Here are a few web sites that should be helpful to folks interested in 
Wildlife/Fisheries related software.  I would bet you will find DISTANCE at 
this first site.

Illinois Natural History Survey - Wildlife Ecology Software Server
they have a LOT of software, I'm sure that DISTANCE is there, although I 
didn't check.

Telemetry clearing house.

Dr. Gary White maintains a page with the software developed at Colorado 
State.  Dr. Laake got his Ph.D. at CSU, they have developed many programs of 
value to wildlife types (CAPTURE, RELEASE, NOMARK, etc.).

The Wildlife Society's Home Page.  I'm not sure if they have links to these 
or other software repositories but I'm sure they could hook you up with Jeff 

Hope this helps!

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