C++ class library of sequence analysis functions?

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 14 17:26:17 EST 1995

Ewan Birney (birney at molbiol.ox.ac.uk) wrote:
: Keith Robison has a molbio++ class. 

: AC             BC00246
: NAME           MOLBIO++
: CONTACT        Keith Robison: robison at biosun.harvard.edu
: SITE           ftp anonymous golgi.harvard.edu
: SITE           Directory /pub/robison

A couple of notes:
	1) Our FTP site doesn't work anymore (one day I will get the
	   sysadmin to fix this).  You can get it by HTTP via

	2) Alas, I've been distracted elsewhere and not much has
	   happened on it in a couple of years (when given a
	   choice between being a programmer and a biologist,
	   I tend towards the biology). It's probably
 	   better as a source for ideas than as an actual library.

Hope it doesn't give you too much trouble.

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
Department of Genetics / HHMI

robison at mito.harvard.edu 


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