Helical Wheel Drawing Programs

Patrick Installe pinstall at sga.ulb.ac.be
Thu Dec 14 09:59:44 EST 1995

Michael_M at vcp1.vcp.monash.edu.au (Michael J. McLeish) wrote:

>Does anyone know of any windows (or dos) based programs for drawing helical 

Take a look on RASMOL

A finded example is the protein CRO linked to DNA.

NAME           RASMOL
DOMAIN         Molecular modelling and graphics
DESCRIPTION    RasMol is an X Window System tool intended for the
DESCRIPTION    of proteins and nucleic acids. It reads Brookhaven
DESCRIPTION    Databank (PDB) files and interactively renders them in
a variety 
DESCRIPTION    of formats on either an 8bit or 24/32bit colour display
DESCRIPTION    Molecular_Model: wire, stick, stick_and_ball, CPK,
DESCRIPTION    alpha_trace) hydrogen bonding and disulphide bridges
(stick & wire)
DESCRIPTION    Input and Output Format: PDB, Alchemy
DESCRIPTION    Output_Type: display, PostScript, GIF, Sun Rasterfile,
AUTHOR         Sayle R. 
RT             -
ADDRESS        Department of Computer Science University of Edinburgh
ADDRESS        Edinburgh EH9 3JZ, UK.   
ADDRESS        Tel: +44-31-650-5163 , Fax: +44-31-667-7209
CONTACT        Sayle R. ros at dcs.ed.ac.uk
SITE           ftp anonymous ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk
SITE           Directory /pub/rasmol  (Unix, MAC and DOS versions)
SITE_CONTACT   rasmol at dcs.ed.ac.uk

Patrick Installé

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