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Mr V Mulholland lsrdp at csv.warwick.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 11:01:05 EST 1995

Helmut Dobler (helme at fh-nuertingen.de) wrote:

: Hi all,

: I'm a student of agricultural science here at the university of
: Nuertingen / Germany and I will graduate until next summer.
: The subject of my dissertation is "A concept for an agricultural 
: management planning game based on a simulation model". 

: The target which will be achieved is to teach students of universities 
: and technical schools more experiences in planning and deciding 
: processes in the management of a farm. It should be a practical attempt 
: to learn deciding in the complex situations of a farm and getting a 
: feeling of dynamic markets by hedging or selling on cash market.

: The simulation game will be realized with a programming language like
: Delphi or Visual Basic on a personal computer.
: This program should become an important part in agricultural education
: here in Germany.

: My Questions:

: 1. Are there any sources in the Internet to my dissertation subject ?
: 2. Have anybody realized such a simulation game before me ?
: 3. Who knows anybody who is or was working and thinking on such a field ?

: All ideas and suggestions are welcome !
: If you have any information or ideas for my project please let me
: participate.  

: Many thanks for your help before by

: Helmut Dobler

There is a game called Sim Farm which is made by the people who
produced Sim City. I've not played this simulation but others have 
told me it's very good. It is probably worth looking at this, at least
for some ideas.
Good luck,

Vince Mulholland.

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