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Borries Demeler demeler at selway.umt.edu
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Duncan Clark  <Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>sequence in one go. I still use the program regularly as restriction enzymes are 
>my business  it may be Basic but it is more than fast enough on a 66Mhz 486. As 
>to whether you can import scanned images I do not know. The current version I 
>think is 3.0 and sells for around 60 UK pounds. 
>For image import you may be better to look at Visual Basic for running under 
>Windows. There are umpteen add ons and I'm sure someone has one for images.

True Basic is a product I could endorse whole-heartedly. I am currently
beta-testing the Windows compiler that produces 32-bit code with the MS 32
bit extensions. The first glance I had tells me that it is plenty fast. It
is strutured, much like pascal and very easy to program. It can handle any
type of file for input, including any image file format, if loaded as type
"byte", though you may have to write the subroutine for viewing various 
formats of images yourself.

One feature I really like about True Basic is the portability. They make
compilers for Macintosh, Amiga, PC/DOS, PC/Windows, SGI-UNIX, Sparc
Stations, and a number of other platforms, if I am not mistaken. A Linux 
version is in preparation. Source code compiles often without modifications
across platforms. You can also get a number of add-on libraries for 
special purposes, for example, RS232 programming and a math library.

You don't need to be a computer programming expert to handle all sorts of 
neat tricks under true basic, you can reach them for educational discount 
offers at 1-800-trbasic.

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