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You can use Sigma Plot for Windows
	    Fig P  from BiosSoft PO box 10938 Ferguson MO 63135

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>Could you please help me find an adequate software package for 
>making scientific graphs.  I need something that will make 
>publication quality multiple graphs with numerous species density 
>classes on an axes of distance in a river.  I would also need a 
>graphing tool to make box plots on an distance scale on a river, 
>as well as error bars on linear graph.  The program would also 
>require some drawing possibilities to be able to make 
>inscriptions of towns and effluent from industries.
>If you know of any software that can do this without to much 
>tampering, please reply. 
>I have used Freelance, Harvard Graphic and Sigma plot, all for 
>DOS.  Do the windows versions work better?
>Louise Lapierre, E-Mail :  74267.2135 at compuserve.com
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