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E. Paolo edpaolo at earth.planet.net
Fri Dec 8 08:16:32 EST 1995

Al Riley (ariley at knet.flemingc.on.ca) wrote:

: >In article <4905tm$cea at news.worldlinx.com>, jcudahy at cdx.net (Jeff ) wrote:

: >> Could anyone tell me where I could get my hands on a piece of software
: >> that has either telephone listings or a Yellow Pages listing for the
: >> U.S. or parts thereof?  I found one that has Canada but can't find one
: >> for the U.S. yet.

	I use Central Service Yellow Page for looking up company phone numbers
on line. They are at http://www.telephonebook.com/yp-name.html. I beleive 
they also have links to other country phone books. Has any else found on-line
phone books ? I like the on-line one becuase they are more up to date 
then cd phone books.

				edpaolo at earth.planet.net

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