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>> fitz at cbl.cees.edu (Carl Fitz) wrote:
>>  >  I'm looking for a new X Window server for the Macintosh.  We currently use
>> Version 1.2 [of MacX] works acceptably well in my experience.
>It doesn't run on PowerMacs though. In our Lab anyway

MacX1.5 works fine on PCI Power Macs.  MacX1.2 runs fine on non-PCI
Power Macs (in emulation mode).  I learned recently that there is a
very simple patch to MacX1.2 (requires ResEdit) that corrects a
configuration bug that will allow MacX1.2 to run on a PCI PowerMac.
(I will try to find the reference to this fix.)

I have been very happy with MacX1.2, and now MacX1.5, on my PowerMac.

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