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In article <4a0dfr$qv5$1 at mhadg.production.compuserve.com> Louise Lapierre <74267.2135 at CompuServe.COM> writes:
>From: Louise Lapierre <74267.2135 at CompuServe.COM>
>Subject: graphics software help!
>Date: 5 Dec 1995 03:15:07 GMT

>Could you please help me find an adequate software package for 
>making scientific graphs.  I need something that will make 
>publication quality multiple graphs with numerous species density 
>classes on an axes of distance in a river.  I would also need a 
>graphing tool to make box plots on an distance scale on a river, 
>as well as error bars on linear graph.  The program would also 
>require some drawing possibilities to be able to make 
>inscriptions of towns and effluent from industries.
>If you know of any software that can do this without to much 
>tampering, please reply. 
>I have used Freelance, Harvard Graphic and Sigma plot, all for 
>DOS.  Do the windows versions work better?

>Louise Lapierre, E-Mail :  74267.2135 at compuserve.com
>move slowly, move mountains
Hi Louise: Windows programs are much easier to use than DOS, especially when 
you need to play around with axis or figures. I have found that Stanford 
Graphics 3.0 let you customize scientific and technical graphs easily, and 
also let you present yor graph on the way that Freelance or Harvard Graphic 
does using master slide templates, a nice feature if you are planing 
presentatios or printing slides. This days I think you can get the program for 
$99. One downside is that broken axes are clumsy, so if you use a lot of 
broken axes better stay off this program. SigmaPlot for windows is also very 
powerful and easy to customize, but is much more expensive.

Osvaldo Wagener

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