DNA sequence analysis

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Sun Dec 3 20:44:51 EST 1995

Anderas Becker (becker at ps1515.chemie.uni-marburg.de) wrote:
: In article <49i3ir$jih at news.fhg.de>, Dirk Seegert <seegert at ita.fhg.de> says:
: >
: >Hi,
: >
: >does anybody know a program similar to "MacVector" for doing DNA sequence 
: >analysis on PC like primer analysis, analysis for restriction sites..., 
: >and which is able to load sequences from gene banks like ENTREZ or EMBL?

: For simple primer analysis and restrictions sites finding take a look at 
: my home pages.

Also, there seems to be a nice project opening up in the form of the 
windows/mac/unix program called 'seqpup', I think. It's free and 
available by ftp from fly.iubio.indiana.edu. Can't remember if it 
includes a restriction mapping module or not. Also, PC-gene does a 
massive amount of sequence adata analysis, but the interface is a bit 
ropey. Also you may want to see if your Mac progs run on the Mac emulator 
'executor', which is a PC program. An old version of DNA strider, a Mac 
program, runs fine on this emulator on a PC.

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