Hopkins grad. student seeks biotech/bioinformatics position

Gil Kedem gk at vangogh.med.jhu.edu
Sun Apr 30 11:31:34 EST 1995

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University, Department of  
Biomedical Engineering, about to receive the Master's degree.   I am  
seeking an entry position in a biotechnology firm involving genetic  
technology and/or bioinformatics.  

My skills include knowledge of molecular and cell biology, and physiology;  
extensive computer background; and electronics.  As shown in my attached  
resume (below), for the past 18 months I have been pursing research in the  
Laboratory of Neurocardiology, studying the influence of the human insular  
cortex on heart rate.  In essence, this research combined biomedical  
techniques with computer software development.  In addition to two  
publications, this experience has stimulated my interest to pursue a  
similar combination in industry.

Does your firm have any job openings?  If so, perhaps you could send a  
description;  otherwise, do you know of similar job opportunities?  

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gil Kedem

gk at vangogh.med.jhu.edu


Gilead (Gil) Kedem
15 Charles Plaza, Apt. 1703-S, Baltimore, Maryland  21201
(410) 752-6504     gk at vangogh.med.jhu.edu     http://vangogh.med.jhu.edu     

Entry position in a biotechnology firm involving genetic technology and/or  

Master of Science in Engineering	Expected graduation:  May 1995
Department of Biomedical Engineering
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Thesis title:  Complexity Analysis of Heart Rate Variability to Detect  
Autonomic Perturbation
Bachelor of  Science (Physics) 	May 1993
University of Maryland at College Park	

BIOMEDICAL:   molecular and cell biology;  physiology
COMPUTERS:    Software development:  C, C++, Fortran, Basic;  Unix ,  
Windows; 		      object technology
              Numerical analysis:  Matlab, Asyst, Mathematica
              Networking:  network installation, HTML, WWW server  
ELECTRONICS:  analog and digital circuit design

Graduate Research Fellow	October 1993 to March 1995
Laboratory of Neurocardiology,  The Johns Hopkins University School of  
Pursued thesis research on the autonomic role of the insular cortex in  
regulating heart rate.  The research involved acquisition of human  
cardiovascular data with a specially-devised computer platform, and  
extensive computer analysis of this data with programs I wrote in C,  
Fortran, Matlab and Asyst.  Additionally, I developed a computer scanner  
that reads Holter electrocardiogram tapes.
Research Internship	Summer 1991
Laboratory of Lasers and Modern Optics, DCRT, National Institutes of  
Health,  Bethesda, Maryland
Performed laboratory experiments involving the interaction of photons with  
biological tissue.  Co-wrote a Monte-Carlo simulation on a Convex  
super-computer to test theories of tissue optics against lab results.   
Work led to an NIH cash award.

Computer Programmer	Summers 1989 & 1990
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight  
Center, Greenbelt, Maryland
Created an interactive image editing system on an Iris Silicon Graphics  
computer.  Now in routine use, the program enables editing of radar  
rain-rate images using a mouse.

Research Assistant	Fall 1988
Laboratory of Mathematical Biology, National Cancer Institute,  Bethesda,  
Maryland	Developed software to study homology of amino-acid  
sequences from the GenBank  database.

1.  Can complexity analysis of heart rate variability detect a  
perturbation in neural control of the heart?  Society for Neuroscience  
Abstracts, Vol. 20, 1994
2.  Left-insular cortex lesions perturb cardiac autonomic tone.  Journal  
of the American College of Cardiology   [SUBMITTED April 1995]

Grace Foundation Scholarship (1993);  NIH Student Research Award (1991);    
Dean's List

Biotechnology, software development, entrepreneurship, rowing, writing.

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