How is SigmaPlot & Stat for Windows compared to for DOS?

Lars Nielsen lnielsen at mailbox.uq.oz.au
Fri Apr 28 21:18:12 EST 1995

dcwong at unixg.ubc.ca (Donald Chun Kit Wong) wrote:
>We currently have Sigmastat & Sigmaplot for DOS (latest versions). We 
>plan to upgrade our system to a OS/2 oe Windows environment. Does anyone 
>have any experience or comments on the Windows version of SigmaPlot (2.0 
>plus Graph Library Bundle) and SigmaStat? Are these version sbetter than 
>the DOS ones? Any commetns will be apprecitaed. Thanks.

I've been using Sigmaplot since version 4 for DOS. I found version 5
for DOS painfully slow - it gave me 3D plots, that I rarely use, at
the price of apparently having to constantly load from the harddisk.

The first version SigmaPlot for Windows had a lot of minor bugs, but
most of these were fixed in version 1.02, which I presently use
together with Word 6A. The greatest benefit is that you can integrate
graphs with OLE links, so you just have to double-click on the graph
in Word to start editing the graph. The only minor problem is that you
have to redefine the page size in SigmaPlot for each graph to make it
fit the space in the Word document, but then you can have perfect
control over font type and size, i.e. no more scaling and croping to
try to make the graph fonts look right. I can only assume version 2.0
is as good or better.

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