Papyrus literature database - more questions

David S. Peterson dspete at helix.nih.gov
Fri Apr 28 12:54:52 EST 1995

In article <3nporb$c2r at quandong.itd.adelaide.edu.au> dgobbett at zoology.adelaide.edu.au writes:

>farcher at sdcc3.ucsd.edu (Eric Archer) writes:

>The topic of reference managers seems to appear here from time to time...

>I have a few more questions:

>I'm using version 7.0.2 of papyrus -
>        I would like to be able to use it to automatically scan a document, 
>and create the reference list at the end. Does anyone use papyrus this way??

Yes, I use Papyrus in Windows to paste the reference numbers into a 
manuscript. Although it's a DOS program it can put these into the Windows 
clipboard. When I'm ready to generate the reference list Papyrus will scan the 
saved file and generate two additional ones; one is the manuscript with the 
Papyrus reference numbers replaced with either numbers or author names 
depending upon the reference style, the second file contains the references 
formatted and ready to be inserted into the first file. 

>This version doesn't recognise Word for Windows version 2 docs, let alone
>version 6. Does anyone know whether there are updated versions (or even
>a windows versions available?

I use Papyrus version 7.0.11a and it does recognize Word for Windows 2 docs. 
Word 6 can save a manuscript in this format

>How does something like Endnote compare? What about Refs - it has a few 

>Any ideas, opinions appreciated
>Cheers, Dave

David Peterson

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