SeqVu 1.0.1

Todd Richmond trichmon at students.wisc.edu
Thu Apr 27 13:30:10 EST 1995

> But already one gripe (said he, the ungrateful pig)...  You've used Don
> Gilbert's Readseq routines to bring in a wide assortment of sequences (and
> good on you for doing so), but one format that it doesn't support is one
> that is likely to be used by a large minority if not majority - that of
> Des Higgins' ClustalV/W.  It's not big deal to write a perl/Alpha script
> to do this, but it would be nice if it were built in.  Any chance of
> getting this in imminent Version?

Have you tried changing the output format of ClustalW?  I'm using the PowerMac
version of ClustalW and just toggled the .msf output to ON.  SeqVu did a fine
job of reading that.

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