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=|> Is anyone out there familiar with this software? How does it compare
=|> to other databases? 

We're currently using Papyrus here to manage a 29000 item article library. We used to
use SciMate which ran into memory problems after the main file got past a certain size.

Papyrus has been all that we could want and more. The only complaints I have about it are
that although it has a great and flexible search capability, once you've made the list,
it doesn't have the capability to tag references that you want and compile only the tagged
ones. You have to delete references that you don't want, which is a bit counterintuitive. 

It's searches are also a bit slower than other packages I've seen, but I chalk that up to 
the greater flexibility and ease of maintainance. All-in-all, it's truly a great package and
the author, Dave Goldman, is really a nice guy and provides excellent support, which can
be critical when you need to do make adjustments on a library as large as ours.

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