program for calculation of tide

Lance Corey lance at neuro.pharmacology.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 26 10:01:45 EST 1995

mats.bjork at fysbot.uu.se (Mats Bjork) wrote:

>Does anyone know of any program yhat can be used to calculte the tide 
>levels at a certain time around the world?

>Mats Bjork (mats.bjork at fysbot.uu.se)

I don't think that it would be possible to predict tides for all
location accurately enough for your purposes.  Out in the ocean, it
would be possible to predict when high tide will occur; but when you
are sheltered by islands, the tide will lag.  A good example of this
is the tides at Vancouver, B.C.  Tides lags about 6 hours behind the
tides at Tafino, a small town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

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