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I believe I can respond to your questions. 

!>What are the current release versions? 

The NCBI vector database was updated last Feb 3rd 1995. 

!>How often are they updated? 

Since this database is used on a daily basis to check the possible 
contamination in the direct sequence submission to GenBank, the goal 
of this db is not to have the most complete collection of vector 
sequences but to have a db that give a clearest and non ambiguous answer 
in a blast search. For that purpose, we have removed as much as we 
can the redundancy without altering this blast search response.
This db is therefore only updated with new vectors sequences that 
will improve the screening. And there is no schedule time for those 
In article 7v0 at is.bbsrc.ac.uk, Aengus Stewart <Aengus.Stewart at bbsrc.ac.uk> writes:



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