Vector Databases

Aengus Stewart Aengus.Stewart at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 10:22:55 EST 1995

I am looking to update our Vector Database.  Currently we have Vecbase   
3.0 which is just a tad out of date. 
I have discovered 2 replacements at the NCBI ftp site: 
Vector - produced by staff at NCBI 
Vector-ig - ???? 
Vector-ig looks the more up to date of the two but I would like to know   
for both of these databases: 
What are the current release versions? 
How often are they updated? 
Which is the better? (I know this can be subjective!) 
Who produces Vector-ig (Intelligenetics perhaps?) 
and anything else you can think of? :) 
Aengus Stewart>  
BBSRC Computing Centre UK 
Aengus.Stewart at bbsrc.ac.uk 

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