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	Another April Fools Day has passed and all of a sudden my computer at home
	has picked up a virus.  Now whenever I boot up, the monitor has been reset
	to black and white and the date and time go back to 12:30pm and 8/27/1956. 
	I believe there was some discussion about this virus on the network a
	while back.  Can anyone give me any advice on how to get rid of it?  It
	must have come from a disc I've used in the lab, but thus far, those
	computers seem unaffected.  I have access to Disinfectent 3.5 and plan to 
	try it tonight.  Is there any way to find the bug and get rid of it.  
	Will there have been any permanent damage to the hard disc (MacLCII); 
	anything I need to be aware of? Also, is there anything I can do to make 
	sure I'm not transmitting it to other computers. 
	Thanks in advance for any advice.
	Heidi Feiler

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