Calcium buffing calculator for MAC

Ed Kaftan ekaftan at Neuron.uchc.edu
Mon Apr 24 18:59:07 EST 1995

I also am interested in such a program but preferably for the PC. I currently
use Fabiato's program (J. Physiol. 75: p 463-505, 1979). This is a good program
but I would like one that will give constants for more ligands. Is there a 
newer version of the Fabiato program? Is there anything else out there worth 

Ed Kaftan
ekaftan at neuron.uchc.edu

>I need to find if there is a shareware/PD program that will calculate free
>calcium in solution from a given concentration of buffers and calcium. I
>would also want the reverese (amount of buffering and calcium needed to
>achieve a given free calcium concentration).

>Thanks for your time and help.

>please e-mail responses directly since I do not monitor this group often.

>Wayne Twitchell
>Wayne at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

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