SeqVu 1.0.1

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Mon Apr 24 11:46:22 EST 1995

In article <j.gardner-2204951521540001 at databucket.garvan.unsw.edu.au>,
j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au (James Gardner) wrote:

> SeqVu Version 1.0.1 is now available. This release corrects a bug which
> sometimes resulted in an extra residue being added to the end of a
> sequence.

A *VERY* neat program.  You've saved hundreds of people untold hours of
toil in Canvas/Corel.  Highly recommend that people give it a try.

But already one gripe (said he, the ungrateful pig)...  You've used Don
Gilbert's Readseq routines to bring in a wide assortment of sequences (and
good on you for doing so), but one format that it doesn't support is one
that is likely to be used by a large minority if not majority - that of
Des Higgins' ClustalV/W.  It's not big deal to write a perl/Alpha script
to do this, but it would be nice if it were built in.  Any chance of
getting this in imminent Version?

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