ViSuAL Calendar Planner 3.0 for Windows - Released!

Bok Nan Lo bnlo at ix.netcom.com
Mon Apr 24 01:06:57 EST 1995

ViSuAL Calendar Planner 3.0 for Windows <ASP>

Mentioned favourably in:  
PC World Norway (Jan 95) 
NautilusCD High Five (Feb 94)
America Online Editors' Choice Best Pick (Nov 94) 
Ziffnet Reviewer's Pick (Jan 95) 
PC Magazine Award Winning Program (Nov 94) 

Visual Calendar Planner is an easy-to-use, user-friendly program to help
you plan and organize better. It provides absolutely no learning curve 
yet provide extremely powerful features not found in any other programs.

Visual Calendar Planner provides many features that are not available 
in most Personal Information Managers, calendars, and event planners. 
To list the *unique* features available:

1.  "A Wallpaper A Day Keeps Trouble Away!" Ability to set calendar as
    wallpaper without ever need to load calendar program. 
2.  Recurring Events (repeatin events) based on Days, Weeks, Months and Years. 
3.  Lots of unique Musical Tunes for Alarm Events. 
4.  WYSIWYG TrueType Font selection, applicable to ANYWHERE in the program.
5.  True WYSIWYG printing based on ALL fonts you have selected.
6.  Color calendar printing supported for color printers.
7.  Word Search capability: search partial, full or any word!
8.  Multiple view with multi-font, multi-color support.
9.  Visual on-line help.
10. Utilizes Microsoft Access Database Engine. Export data to your favourite
    database and build your own PIM!
11. Real 3D look and feel with true ViSuAL editing.
12. "Sink" feature to reposition the planner to bottom-most, exactly
    like an office planner with enhanced funtionality.

Registration Fee: US$29.95
Registration Method: Toll-free 1-800-2424PSL, CompuServe SWREG, Check, 
International Money Order, Foreign Check
Incentive: Registered users get ONE major upgrade free! 
Terms: 30 days "Try Before You Buy" trial period.

Association of Shareware Professionals Author Member

FTP Availability
Site: oak.oakland.edu
Directory: /pub/win3/calendar 
Filename: 3dvcp30.zip

WWW Availability

CompuServe Availability
Section: PIM/PhoneBk/Dialer (Library 12)
Filename: vcp11.zip 

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