<Q> Online sequence database of vectors?

Stephen Misener miseners at darwin.biology.QueensU.CA
Sun Apr 23 19:01:54 EST 1995

I too have noticed this...if people are interested I could start a 
database for vectors.  I can start it off with the ones from vector-nti 
which include many of the common vectors...then hopefully people could 
contribute sequences to it.  Email me yeahs or nays and depending on the 
response I'll start work on it.

Stephen Misener
miseners at biology.queensu.ca

Christoph Weber (cweber at oci.unizh.ch) wrote:
: Jörg Ruppert (ruppert at rrz.uni-hamburg.de) wrote:

: : for my thesis I need sequence data of some vectors, most of them being
: : shipped with commercial kits. I have already tried some web queries to
: : EBI, Genbank and others, but I don't really see what I want to. Most
: : convenient would be a comprehensive vector database.

: We have had the same problem and have not found a really satisfactory
: answer. The closest thing we found was:
: ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/repository/vector-ig/

: Christoph
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