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Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sat Apr 22 04:47:40 EST 1995

HAVILAND at KIDS.WUSTL.EDU (David L. Haviland, Ph.D.) writes:

>In <D7A7H8.CwH at sci.kun.nl> theos at sci.kun.nl writes:

>> Dear colleagues,
>> I recently heard someone mention "Papyrus" as a valuable database system
>> for managing one's literature references.
>> Is anyone out there familiar with this software? How does it compare to
>> other databases? Is there a try-out version available? If not, where can
>> info be obtained concerning the distributors?


>To my knowledge, there is no demo version of Papyrus around.  Papyrus is 
>without question the best value for the money.  $99 (U.S.) gets you a 
>complete package without the need of having to buy extra "modules".  Dave 
>Goldman who wrote the program can be contacted at rsd at teleport.com.  This 
>complete package will import and export your references in a wide variety 
>of formats.

>Personally, I first tried Endnote and found it very awkward to use on the 
>PC.  I was using it within Windows in conjuction with WPerf 5.1 and very 
>often incomplete references were transferred.  I wrapped it back up and 
>sent it back.  I bought Papyrus and have never looked back.  I've tried no 
>other reference managers.

>Hope this helps (usual disclaimers apply)

My University uses Papyrus, and I loathed it so much that I wrote my
own bibliography software.  Refs 7.61 is available for anonymous ftp
from cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk as the file /pub/refs/refs761.zip

There is a Refs WWW page:  http://cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk/refs/refs.html

Refs is not as powerful as EndNote, but it's certainly a lot cheaper
(30 pounds sterling per copy, or US$55).  It requires Windows 3.1.  If
you want good DDE to word-processors you can use it in conjunction
with WinRefer, a free program written by Si Dobson which is available
from the same site.

Refs 7.7 should be out soon, and will include versions in German,
Spanish and Japanese as well as English.

The current version is available in German, Spanish and English only.



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