RNAdraw 1.0 beta now available!

Ole Matzura ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Fri Apr 21 09:08:07 EST 1995

Hello there!

RNAdraw is a complete RNA secondary structure/Basepair probability 
matrix / Heat curve calculation package for 32-bit MS-Windows. It offers 
an extensive easy-to-use (once you get the hang of it) interface and 
powerful editing/printing/calculation/analysis functions. Algorithms are 
based on the work of M. Zuker and J. McCaskill and were ported directly 
from the Vienna RNA package.

RNAdraw version 1.0 beta is now available for testing and using.
This version includes the following features over version 0.99-08:

1) Possibility to edit/modify/save/load all energy parameters used by 
the programs RNA calculational algorithms.

2) Possibility to export all RNA secondary structure / Basepair 
probability matrix / Probability histogram / Heat curve windows as 
Windows standard/placeable/enhanced metafiles. This gives a high quality
possibility to import views into major word-processing/layout/DTP 

3) Possibility to calculate basepair probability matrixes for imported 

4) Lots of minor changes and new functions.

5) Extended help files.

6) etc...

So why wait? RNAdraw is available either via the RNAdraw WWW homepage 
located at : 

or via anonymous ftp at:

   broccoli.mfn.ki.se - in the pub/rnadraw directory. 

If you want direct info on updates and the RNAdraw add yourself to the 
RNAdraw mail list by sending you E-mail to the below address.

PLEASE notify me if you have any problems or suggestions concerning 
RNAdraw, I really want it to be as good as possible.

Good Luck!

Ole Matzura

Ole Matzura                              ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Dept. of Medical Physics                 
Karolinska Inst. 
Stockholm, Sweden                           FAX:+46-8-326505

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