Seq. Align./Contig. Assembly SW?

Bradley T. Smith btsmith at mit.edu
Fri Apr 21 14:31:25 EST 1995

Howdy all!

Our lab is thinking of purchasing a Power Mac (or Mac) based sequence
alignment/contig assembly software package.  We are currently using GCG
(VAX-based), and it is EXTREMELY unfriendly.

We have a demo disk of "AssemblyLIGN" from Kodak (approx. $800).  It
seems to be fairly powerful and easy to use. (I especially like the
feature that allows you to align sequence fragments using colored bars.)
Unfortunately, we were told by a sales rep. that a Power-PC native
version won't be out for six months or so.  We have also ordered a 
Power-PC native demo of "Sequencher" from Gene Codes Corp (price

Does anyone have experience (good or bad!) with either of these
packages, or with other similar software?  We would appreciate any
feedback that you might have.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Brad Smith
btsmith at mit.edu

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