DNA/protein software for Windows

Andy Phillips Andy.Phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 20 06:47:15 EST 1995

I'm sure that this topic must be a FAQ, but I couldn't find one......

For the last 10 years I've used the GCG package for DNA and protein
sequence manipulation, with the EMBL and Genbank libraries housed
on the same VAX. Recently, however, the databses have been moved to
a server machine, so we have to download any sequences before we can
play around with them. As the WWW expands, it's becoming easier to
access sequences direct from EMBL and Genbank instead. The logical
next step for me is to have the sequence manipulation software
(restriction mapping, lineups etc) running on the PC rather than 
having to log onto the VAX. 

Question: are there any commercial or public domain packages for
sequence manipulation that run under Windows? What functions do they
have? Are they any good - compared to GCG? How much do they cost?

Thanks in advance,


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