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>> Is anybody familiar with the Reference Manager (RefMan) program? If so,
>> could you point me to the distributor(s) or vendor(s).  Presumably this
>> journal/reference database program was designed to suit the needs of
>> researchers in the area of the bio-sciences.
>Yes, but don't do it. This is counter-intuitive, very kludgy
>software--EndNote by Niles Associates is far, far better - you will be up
>and running right away with no instructions.
>As one of several examples, when you do a draft referencing of a paper Ref
>Man indicates the references with arbitrary numbers interpretable only
>from your reference list - in comparison EndNote shows the references as
>lead author and date!!!!  This and numerous other features are needlessly
>awkward in Ref Man and very easy and intuitive in EndNote.

Starting from Refman version 6.0, instead of using numbers, the above way 
of inserting references is also possible.


>I am simply a user who started with Ref Man and found it so difficult that
>I abandoned it and with added cost switched to EndNote...with no regrets. 
>I have no connection with either company.
>John V. Weil

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